Professional Counseling Agreement

Therapy Services

This is a professional therapy practice that offers counseling services to individuals and couples seeking to integrate Biblical principles with Psychological techniques into the process of resolving personal issues. While all of our therapists come from a God-centered understanding of people, each has a unique background and training. There are also a number of different approaches used by our therapist, which can be utilized for the problems you hope to address. We encourage you to discuss with your therapist his or her background and training before you proceed with therapy in order to ensure that you are comfortable and confident with him or her.

Individual Therapy

Following an initial intake consultation, a session is held to discuss observations from the therapist about client.  A treatment plan is suggested and accepted, sessions involve tackling the issues previously discussed.  

Individual psychotherapy for adults is used in a compassionate approach which encourages clients to explore how limiting beliefs and trauma are held in the body—often below the level of conscious awareness. Specialties include trauma and P.T.S.D., grief and loss; emotional struggles such as shame, depression, anger and anxiety, and relationship problems.  

Free initial consultation session (45-60 min, depending on needs of client)

Sessions typically are scheduled at 40-45 minutes per sessions

Couples (Relationship) Therapy 

An individual initial consultation is scheduled with each partner.  Following the individual consultations, an initial meeting with both partners is arranged to discuss observations and a treatment plan.  Sessions are scheduled in 90 minutes per session.

Sessions involve discussions between partners around issues in which they find difficulty agreeing or compromising.  Relationship patterns, connection, communication styles and approaches are evaluated and new strategies are often introduced to facilitate improved connection and communication.  

We also address specific topics such as coping with infidelity/cheating, premarital counseling, post-divorce – “learning to be amicable for the sake of the children” and starting over.

  • Free initial consultation session
  • Ongoing session up to 90-minutes (Session can range from 90 minutes to 180 minutes)
  • Additional session time can be purchased in 30 minute increments

Premarital Counseling

Premarital counseling is a type of therapy that helps couples prepare for marriage. Premarital counseling can help ensure that you and your partner have a strong, healthy relationship — giving you a better chance for a stable and satisfying marriage. Premarital counseling can also help you identify weaknesses that could become problems during marriage.

  • Initial consultation session
  • Ongoing sessions up to 45-60-minutes
  • Sessions typically are scheduled at 40-45 minutes per sessions.
  • A minimum of 4 sessions is required to complete (including initial consultation)
    *  Scale and reduced fee package prepayment options available. See below.

Family Therapy

Family counseling may help to promote better relationships and understanding within a family. It may be incident specific, as for example family counseling during a divorce, or a child experiencing trauma. Alternately family counseling may address the needs of the family when one family member suffers from a mental or physical illness that alters his or her behavior or habits in negative ways. The therapist often helps the family reflect on better ways of communicating with each other and because of that family counseling may in part be instruction and encouragement. In fact, family counseling often teaches family members new and more positive ways to communicate to replace old, negative communication patterns.

  • Free initial consultation session
  • Ongoing session up to 90-minutes (Session can range from 90 minutes to 180 minutes)
  • Additional session time can be purchased in 30 minute increments

*  Telephone counseling is not typically covered by insurance so please inquire with your provider if interested in this service.


This is designed to allow clients easy access to the services they need at cost-effective rates

  • Individual Plan
    • 4 Individual 20 minutes sessions per month
    • Personal check-up and feedback about strengths and vulnerabilities
    • Conflict Resolutions Strategies
    • Solution focused outcomes
    • PLUS supportive contact via text, email, or phone between scheduled sessions (Up to 30 minutes per week)
      • Option # 1 – month to month services (30 days)
      • Option # 2 – 3 months of services (savings of $25)
      • Option # 3 – 6 month of services (savings of $50 dollars)
      • Option # 4 – 1 year of services (savings of $100)
  • Family Plan
    • Plan based on Family of 3
    • Each additional Family member is an additional $25 per option
    • 6 Individual 20 minutes sessions per month
    • Personal check-up and feedback about strengths and vulnerabilities
    • Conflict Resolutions Strategies
    • Solution focused outcomes
    • PLUS supportive contact via text, email, or phone between scheduled sessions (Up to 30 minutes per week)
      • Option # 5 – month to month services (30 days)
      • Option # 6 – 3 months of services (savings of $25)
      • Option # 7 – 6 month of services (savings of $50 dollars)
      • Option #8 – 1 year of services (savings of $100)




Children will not be seen without the written consent of their BIOLOGICAL PARENTS, or the adult who has been court appointed as MANAGING CONSERVATOR (copy of court order REQUIRED).

Group Counseling
6-8 participants each group per 90 minute group session

  • When you sign up for a group, you are committing to attending 4-8 group sessions, depending on the group (one per week excluding holidays). Continuity of membership is important for group trust and confidentiality.
  • If you do not attend a session without 48 hours cancellation notice, you are still responsible for payment.


Most people find therapy very helpful. Therapy introduces change in your life that may result in challenging responses from people close to you. During the course of therapy you may experience uncomfortable emotions. It is common for anxiety to increase with therapy and other emotions may surface as personal issues are addressed.  Processing these experiences in therapy is usually helpful.

All counseling is values-based, and that among the many values options available, such as secular, humanist, atheist, agnostic, New Age, Eastern, and the like, S4L counselors represent the Christian perspective.  Their counseling approach will reflect this values perspective, such as prayer, biblical references and principles, and the spiritual disciplines, and as the client, you agree that this approach is acceptable.

By submitting to treatment, a client understands that their case may be discussed in group supervision for assessment, diagnosis and evaluation of treatment and progress.

In the event that S4L or the therapist reasonably believes the client is in danger, physically or emotionally, to themselves or another person, the undersigned specifically consents for the therapist to warn the person in danger and to contact the following persons, in addition to medical and law enforcement personnel.


Co-Payment, deductible, or fee-for-service charge may be paid in the form of check (made payable to Stitches for Life, Inc.), cash or credit/debit card and is due at the time of each appointment (before each appointment begins), unless other arrangements have been made. A receipt will be given that you can submit to third-party payment sources. Appointments will not be extended or scheduled beyond three unpaid sessions until payment is made.  The payment for any psychological/legal report prepared is due in full before it will be released to me or another party.

You understand that you are personally responsible to know your insurance limits, exclusions, deductibles, and co-payment structures, even though support staff does a preliminary check.  You agree to not hold Stitches for Life Inc. Responsible for insurance company errors or refusals for reimbursements for services rendered.  The client is responsible for all services for which your insurance company will not pay.

At no time will an outstanding co-pay or fee-for-service balance for more than  be allowed and that therapy may be temporarily suspended or terminated until sufficient payment is received to place outstanding balance below this amount.

A collection agency may be employed after a client’s account becomes 60 days past due with the express purpose of collecting any past-due debts that I might owe “S4L”.  In addition, other reasonable legal action may be taken to secure payment.  The client is responsible to pay for collection costs, including attorney fees and costs, and to release the information needed to collect past due bill.

Couples Therapy Cost – Most insurance plans cover part, but not all of the intensive sessions.  Typically insurance providers cover 45-60 minutes.  Insurance reimbursement varies depending on the plan.


Reduced Fee

Reduced fees are available on a case by case basis. These guidelines are not meant to discourage or work a hardship on those who are unable to pay.  Please discuss this financial situation with your therapist on your first visit.  



A FREE 30-minute phone consultation is offered to all first time clients (face-to-face or telephone counseling available).  A single reschedule of the FREE consultation is allowed at the request of the client but at the scheduling convenience of the therapist.  

A 24 hour notice is required when canceling an appointment. If less than 24-hour notice is given, “S4L” reserves the right to charge a cancellation fee of up to scheduled session amount that was reserved. (This is an expense that most insurance companies do not reimburse)  In case of inclement weather, no fees will be assessed as long as you call to say you won’t be coming.


Termination Policy

Most people remain in therapy until it becomes reasonably apparent that they no longer need assistance, is not likely to benefit or they feel they have learned better methods of coping with their emotions and difficulties.  Therapist may terminate counseling when in jeopardy of harm by the client or by another person with whom the client has relationship, or when clients do not pay fees as agreed upon.  

If two or more sessions are missed without giving 24 hours notice, “S4L” and the therapist reserve the right to terminate therapy relationship by letter or phone call.  If a client is 20 or more minutes late to a session two or more times, the therapist or “S4L” reserves the right to terminate therapy relationship by letter or phone call. Termination will be without complaint.

A client is free to withdraw consent and stop participating in the therapy program or activity at anytime without prejudice to the individual.  If a client fails to do assigned work, or does not appear to be benefiting from therapy, they may be terminated or referred. We will be happy to offer resources and referral assistance.




If you need to talk to your therapist between sessions, leave a message on voicemail if they are not available to accept your phone call. Messages are checked daily. Telephone calls that last longer than 10 minutes will be billed at the agreed-upon hourly rate. Clients should go to a local hospital, or one covered by their insurance company, for emergency mental health or medical services.