STITCH THERAPY: Couples Counseling

 Couples counseling can be a positive turning point. Often couples wait too long to seek help and come to counseling when a separation or divorce is already in progress  The sooner a couple seeks help, the better the outlook for their situation to improve and grow. Seeking help can preserve a marriage and a family, as well as lessening the possibility of a traumatic separation or divorce.

Couples counseling is available for those in a partnership who are experiencing difficulties.  Couples often feel their relationship is stagnant or deteriorating because of lack of communication, or differences related to parenting issues, financial issues, issues with trust or sexual incompatibility.  Often couples evolve into roles in which they may be protecting their emotions by subconsciously withdrawing from the other person.  When this happens the partnership begins to fracture and problem-solving difficulties develop.  Couples counseling provides a means to explore these issues with a counselor who is trained to identify the negative behaviors that have developed from both parties and that may impede mending or advancing the relationship.

Often issues are identified that neither party is aware of and for which they have been unable to find a solution.  Discovering  acceptable solutions for both partners is the goal of counseling and couples are taught to communicate with each other in a reasonable and truthful manner.