Thank you for visiting our site.  Whether this your first time and you are just curious or are in need of help; You have come to the right location.  Stitches for Life Incorporated is dedicated to helping people so they can help other people.  

We are proud to introduce Stitch Therapy to you.  Have you ever found yourself at a lost when trying to figure out why relating to the very people you feel you have to or should be able to communicate well with just doesn’t work? If you have ever had the feeling after you came out of something which, while in it, gave you the blues but now looking back doesn’t seem as bad as you made.  In fact, you think that if you had paid a little more attention to signs and signals from previous events, things could have been a lot smoother for you.  If any of these sound like you then “STITCHES” is what you need.  We look for answers from everywhere in the world – our friends, church members, parents, celebrities and sometimes even our enemies but never inside ourselves.  STITCHES are the tools we need to address the issues we have.  If you’re tired of putting a Band-Aid on wounds that seem to just keep resurfacing and don’t seem to go away, then I encourage you to start using STITCHES instead.

The purpose of medical stitches are simply to hold a wound together long enough for the natural healing process to take effect on its own.  We offer the opportunity to learn techniques and disciplines through biblical principles and psychological techniques to help you regardless of your walk of life or season in time.  Our goal is simply to help you MAKE TODAY BETTER THAN YOUR YESTERDAYS.