Thank you for visiting our site.  Whether this your first time and you are just curious or are in need of help; You have come to the right location.  Stitches for Life Incorporated is dedicated to helping people so they can help other people.  


Stitch Therapy mission is to provide professional psychotherapy to individuals, couples and families through the integration of biblical principles and psychological techniques to assist people in spiritual growth, psychological and emotional healing, and achievement of therapeutic goals.



To actively promote spiritual, personal, and relational growth to all looking to present the best of who they are created to be.


Our purpose is to teach and empower people to use life lessons, experiences and education practically to stitch together their lives for a peaceful and more productive future.

The purpose of medical stitches are simply to hold a wound together long enough for the natural healing process to take effect on its own.  We offer the opportunity to learn techniques and disciplines through biblical principles and psychological techniques to help you regardless of your walk of life or season in time.  

Our goal is simply to help you MAKE TODAY BETTER THAN YOUR YESTERDAYS.  


The events below are also opportunities to volunteer. If you like to do so, please click on the on the flyer of the event you would like to volunteer for.

The S.T.E.A.L.T.H. Santa Project are in need of some people to volunteer. If you are interested please click the link the below:

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